Hanged at High Noon

The Ghosts of Wichata Kansas

Introduction to Deadlands.

John Runningbow’s tribe packed up their village and is moving south, deeper into the Coyotes Territory.


Runningbow is oath-bound to Angelo.


Angelo is now a very wanted hombre, which the Union will spare no expense to capture or kill.


The “Sheriff” Roxy is on assignment to quell the abductions from the Wichita and surrounding areas to stop the fear from spreading.


The hero’s stumbled onto something which they may not make it out alive to tell anyone. Who can help them? John Runningbow holds Roxy’s fate, and his own, in his hands….



RIP John Runningbow.

We should have a Boot Hill style cemetery for all the dead that are coming…

The Ghosts of Wichata Kansas

Yes, a page for all the fallen heroes!

The Ghosts of Wichata Kansas
Hawkeyekorrigan Hawkeyekorrigan

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